Driving Pet Peeves

We all have little pet peeves that annoy us. Whether it be leaving a toilet seat up, chewing too loud, or your roommate leaving Rolos everywhere. For me personally, it's those groups of people that take up the entire sidewalk and walk slower than molasses (MOVE!). But there are also pet peeves that can annoy us while we're driving. It could be other drivers on the road, the passengers you're driving around, or the driver of the car you're being driven around it. Here are some pet peeves that annoy people while they're on the road.

Driver Picks The Music, Shotgun Shuts His Cake Hole

If I'm driving you somewhere, odds are it's in my car with my music playing. Unless I give you permission, don't start messing around with my radio or what I have playing. That's a good way to get me to hit the ejector seat button.

I Can't See!

If it's dark out, there's bad weather and you're driving a dark vehicle, TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON! You're not Batman, you don't need to hide in the dark, and you don't need to sneak up on me. Just turn your headlights on so I can actually see you coming.

I Still Can't See!

Most vehicles have an area beside them called a "blind-spot." It's called this because if you are in this area, it's hard to see you by looking in my mirrors. Does that area sound like a good place to pitch a tent and hang around in? (I'll answer for you: no it does not)

Carpool Lames

Lanes actually have a purpose other than just keeping everyone in line. The different lanes also help determine what speed you should be travelling. The left lane is the fast/passing lane, the middle lane is the cruising lane and the right lane is for new drivers and old people who drive half the speed limit. So if you're driving in the fast lane, actually drive fast. You're more of a hazard driving slowly in that lane. A good rule of thumb is "If people are passing on your right, you're in the wrong lane."

Where's The Fire?

On the opposite end of the spectrum are those people that apparently need to use the bathroom really bad, so they speed and weave through traffic like other cars aren't even moving. I don't think I need to explain how dangerous this is and how many accidents it could cause (on the road and in people's pants).

Get Off My @$$

For some reason, people seem to think that tailgating will make the person in front of them go faster. Well, guess what? If you start getting too close to me, I'm slowing down. See if that helps you go any faster.

Pair O' Feet By The Dashboard Lights

Don't put your feet on the dashboard. First of all, that's gross. I don't want your dirty feet on my clean car. Secondly, it's dangerous. If for some reason I hit something and the airbag goes off, your knees are going through your head. Won't be too comfortable then, will you?


If I'm in your car, I've put my life in your hands. I'm trusting you to get me where we're going in one piece. Don't jeopardize that by texting and driving or any other activities that could be distracting. 65 people were killed in Ontario in 2016 due to distracted driving. I don't want to add to those statistics.

Lost Signal

A few years ago, scientists came up with a revolutionary new device to better assist drivers. It's called a turn signal. Many drivers still aren't even aware this technology exists yet. This technology assists other drivers on the road with showcasing where you are going and when you are making turns, making it easier for drivers to avoid hitting you. Find where this new "turn signal" is in your vehicle and start using it today!


I could go on for hours about all the things people do while driving that annoy me, but people rambling is a pet peeve of mine.