Fun Facts About Lexus

value. Here are some things about Lexus that you may not have known.

“Lexus” Was Not A Brand In Japan Until 2005

Between 1989 and 2005, all vehicles advertised internationally as “Lexus” were sold in Japan with the Toyota marque with an equivalent model name.

During Development Of The Original LS, Each Button And Switch Was Tested

There was a team member who was assigned to test each switch and button inside the vehicle to make sure they all worked and were comfortable. He even carried around three sets of fake nails to ensure the buttons were suitable for all customers.

The LS Engine Was Musically Tuned

Lexus called in Yamaha, a prominent musical instrument manufacturer, to acoustically tune the engine of the original LS.

Lexus Has Paint Inspectors

Lexus employs a team of specialized inspectors to examine the paint on Lexus’ vehicles. These inspectors are required to take a special exam four times a year to ensure their skills remain up to par.

New Lexus Cars Have Built-In Moisturizers

The latest generations of the LS and GS uses an air-conditioner system called “nano-e” which is designed to moisturize skin and hair, as well as deodorize the cabin.

There Are People Named Lexus

Back in the 1990s, Lexus was the 660th most popular name for a girl in the United States.

Lexus Uses The Best Leather

The leather that Lexus uses to upholster their seats is from the hides of cows that are not kept within barbed wire. This ensures perfect quality of the leather.

The First Lexus Built Outside Japan Was Built In Canada

In 2003, Lexus decided to expand their manufacturing to outside Japan. They set up an assembly plant in Cambridge, Ontario, where the RX models are currently manufactured for the North American market. In fact, the RX is Lexus’ best selling model in the US.

Get Your Own Lexus

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