Spring Cleaning

We are now in March and Spring is so close that we can smell the flowers and freshly mowed lawns already. In fact, I can practically hear the sound of the Ottawa Senators playing golf (too soon?). As with the lead-up to winter, there are things you need to prepare your car for when going into spring. While most preparations for spring aren't due to safety concerns like ice, they will help maintain your car for the future.

Remove Winter Tires

While not as much a safety concern as putting on your winter tires, driving through the year with your winter tires on could compromise your safety next winter. As you drive, your tire threads get worn down, reducing traction. This applies to winter tires as well which will lose traction over the year and won't be as effective in the winter.

Check Your Brakes

Spring/Summer are the seasons for road trips so you want to make sure all the important parts of your car are in good working order. Especially your brakes when you want to do things like stop. Take your car to a service centre or even a quick eye test to see if your brakes need work. We'd be happy to look at them for you in our service centre.

Spring Cleaning

Winter causes a lot of clutter to build up. Garbage and dirt build up on your carpets and on the outside of your car. Since we live in the GTA also, chances are there is salt build-up on your carpets which you will want to remove. Go into spring with a fresh look.

Check Your Fluids

Spring is a great time to take care of all your fluids. While regular oil changes are of course good, you should consider having all of your fluids topped up including your transmission and brake fluid. That way you can enter a new warm season with a fresh slate.


After the winter we just went through, I think we're all excited to be leaving it. Pretty soon we'll all be frolicking through fields and we'll celebrate surviving another Canadian winter. Trust me, your car will be celebrating just as much as you are. Thank it by cleaning it up a bit after going through that winter