Can I Get a Car Loan with No Credit, Cosigner, or Down Payment?

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Can I Get a Car Loan with No Credit, Cosigner, or Down Payment?

Whenever you get a loan, you always hear the same advice: have good credit, put some money down and have a good co-signer as a backup. But sometimes none of those things are possible. Many people will assume that without these things, they will never be able to get a car loan. Here at WEINS Auto Group, we have Credit Specialists that can help you in any situation, including not having credit or a down-payment.

Building credit can seem like a very daunting task, but anyone can do it. All it takes is time, patience, and staying up-to-date on payments. Banks and lenders look at multiple things before deciding whether or not to grant a loan, and having no credit will make them look a little harder. They'll consider things like:


They're going to look at your income and decide if this loan is affordable based on your income. For example, if your monthly payments are $600 and your monthly income is only $1,000, there isn't a lot of wiggle room there, and the bank might not feel like it's possible to keep up.


If you're working in a minimum-wage job and you're asking for an expensive car, odds are the bank is going to say no. The lower the cost of the car you choose, the better your chances are of being approved for that loan. We can help you choose a car that will be affordable and will work for you.

Your Credit History

A lender will want to know if you've ever paid anybody back on anything. Whether that's paying a credit card bill or keeping up to date on your phone bill, anything will help. The odds are pretty good that you have some bills that you've paid in the past so they're going to look at that.

WEINS Auto Group has a steady relationship with many banks and lenders, and we will work with them to get you a loan even if you're in a tough situation concerning your credit. Fill out our Credit Application form or come in and talk to one of our Specialists to see how we can help you.