Career Paths

At WEINS Auto Group, we believe that our people are our most important resource and the foundation for our success. We recognize that we must hire the best candidates who take the initiative with our quests, in return providing the best possible customer service.

Our business is more than just selling and servicing vehicles. There is more than meets the eye, from front line associates who greet our guests when they arrive, to the people working behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The automotive industry is filled with many roles contributing to our success.

The "Next Me" mindset

WEINS Auto Group is constantly getting bigger and when that happens, the amount of work increases. New positions are being created to handle the advancement of the industry. Our staff are constantly training each other so we can all grow. The "Next Me" mindset is all about training members to take our place in order for us to move on to other roles.

Know Their Stories

We grow with you and you grow with us. Here's a small sample of some of our associates who have grown with us.

Meet Anthony

Anthony joined WEINS AUto Group in 2007 as a Part Time Detailer in his last year of high school. The following year he worked in a variety of roles ranging from Express Lube Technician, Reception, Service Shuttle and Lot Jockey. After gaining valuable work experience, he decided to attend Georgian College to further develop his knowledge in the automotive industry. He returned to WEINS Auto Group in 2010 as an Express Lube Advisor. Two years later, he stepped into sales at Lexus of Richmond Hill. With four years of sales experience under his belt, Anthony is now a sales & Leasing Manager.

Meet Fatemah

In 2005, Fatemah started as a part time greeter at Lexus of Richmond Hill while completing a Dental Hygiene program at Oxford College. Two years later she was promoted to Part Time Business Manager in the same department while enrolled in a Business Program at York University. In 2010, Fatemah took on a full time Business Manager role at Lexus of Richmond Hill, which she excelled in for 5 years before moving to Don Valley North Lexus as a New Car Sales Manager.

Meet Hiroshi

Hiroshi immigrated to Canada from Japan in 1977. Graduating from George Brown College as a Graphic Designer, Hiroshi had no intention of continuing in that field. Instead, he wanted to fulfill his dreams by working with cars. Hiroshi joined Don Valley North Toyota as a Part Time Driver / Clean Up Person in 1995. He then moved to Full time Clean Up / Detailing Technician. From there he took on roles such as Service Support and Customer Retention. Soon after he became a Service Advisor and then moved to Don Valley North Lexus as the same position. In 2013 Hiroshi was promoted to a Senior Assistant Service Manager, then Guest Service Manager and is currently excelling in his role.

Employee Experience