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Construction Has Started WEINS Auto Group has been a proud member of the Markham and Greater Toronto Area communities since 1973. To facilitate our continued growth, we have started construction o...Read More

If I were to say to you "the dizzy on my jalopy is failing, might need to take it to the carmatary" would you understand what I meant or would you look at me like I have two heads? The automotive ...Read More

We are now in March and Spring is so close that we can smell the flowers and freshly mowed lawns already. In fact, I can practically hear the sound of the Ottawa Senators playing golf (too soon?)....Read More

It's February, and we all know what that means! Spring is just around the corner! That means we're getting close to Auto Show season! In fact, the Canadian International Autoshow is starting this ...Read More

In 1964, Ford released a vehicle that all but created a new class of car called the "Pony Car." A Pony Car is a vehicle that is sporty, compact, styled, and most of all, affordable. This vehicle t...Read More

A car is a lot like a country. There are parts that keep the lights on, parts that keep bad things out of it, parts that keep everything moving, and at the centre of it all, someone controlling th...Read More

We all have little pet peeves that annoy us. Whether it be leaving a toilet seat up, chewing too loud, or your roommate leaving Rolos everywhere. For me personally, it's those groups of people tha...Read More

Regardless of your opinions on certain ones, laws have been created for a reason. Whether it's for safety, protection or keeping things fair, all laws do have a purpose. But some of those purposes...Read More

Winter sucks. Driving in the winter sucks. Not only for you but for your car. Sure, you're the one that has to leave your warm bed to go out into the cold, but how do you think your car feels? It'...Read More

Going into the New Year, it's the perfect time for resolutions! While there are the traditional resolutions like losing weight or not gossiping, there are some other things that you should conside...Read More