Company Culture

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Company Culture

In all of our actions we operate as a team. The collective strengths of the department will be unified and directed toward our mission. Growth and continuous improvement of the company and the employee will be an ongoing commitment. We provide career growth opportunities to our team members and strive to promote from within whenever possible. Check out employee benefits here.

Mission Statement:

Together we will:

  • Create an environment of mutual trust and respect
  • Promote personal growth and freedom
  • Foster and reward teamwork and employee involvement
  • Demand the highest ethical standards from ourselves and others

Our commitment is to make our company a place where people want to come to work and where they take pride and satisfaction from their accomplishments.

We also follow the 11 Character Business Initiative. Optimism, Initiative, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, Courage, Inclusiveness, and Fairness. We are committed to fostering and demonstrating good character in daily dialogue and discussions.

WEINS Mission Statement
WEINS Growth Triangle

WEINS Auto Group Growth Triangle:

Managed growth is a factor that benefits everyone in the organization. As we grow, we gain in strength. We are able to forge stronger links with our business associates, our buying power increases, greater varieties of in-house programs become feasible and the opportunities for employees to move and grow within the organization multiply. Our ability to better serve our customers also increase.

The Premise of the triangle is simple. As the base grows, we must ensure that the strength of our team grows by adding new staff members or by utilizing our existing staff more effectively. If the first two areas are properly implemented, increased prosperity will follow. We must remember at all times that we are in the business of serving our customers. We must do our utmost to ensure that they remain our customers.

Employee Suggestion Program

We care about the ideas of our employee's. Each valid suggestion will be reviewed and awarded points. The top suggestions will win additional monetary prizes with all prize winners being announced at our annual Xmas Party.

Birthday Lunches

Once a month we like to celebrate our employee's birthdays with birthday party lunch. Employees with birthdays in the month will be invited to celebrate with the other birthday associates. Yes, there will be cake!

New Hire Orientation

Once a month all new employees are invited to orientation at the Courtyard by Marriott. The day is filled with fun and exciting information about the company. During orientation there will be time to bond with your coworkers, ask questions, and meet some of the heads of the company.

Employee Satisfaction Index

In an effort to address employee concerns regarding the work environment, we send out surveys which are designed to identify areas within our organization to improve.