Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase my vehicle online?
Simply contact one of our Internet Sales Coordinators on our contact page or via phone at 905-475-2755 and inform them which vehicle you are interested in. We will respond A.S.A.P. and explain the process. It's as easy as 123.
For the hours of operation for all of our divisions, simply visit our Locations page.
Simply ask us, and we will happily provide you with the details. Simply message us on our contact page with the details.
You can visit the Natural Resources Canada website at:
One reason is that other markets have different emission and safety regulations. All vehicles sold in Canada meet or exceed the highest standards set by Transport Canada.
Please review the safety rating of any vehicle by visiting using this link:
No. All of the retail sales of vehicles in Canada are done directly through the dealers. The manufacturers in Canada are the importers and are responsible for the warranties offered.
TDI engines are available at a premium, and these engines are designed to be driven long distances in order to take full advantage of their fuel efficiency. A diesel engine running a short distance will not be operating at the proper temperature, which increases the risk of carbon build-up. Don't forget that gasoline engines are also very fuel efficient.
Canadian Automotive Manufacturers configure their model line-up independently from other markets, based on the needs of Canadians and Canadian legal regulations.
You may increase the wheel diameter on many models as long as you keep in mind certain specifications, such as outer tire diameter, ground clearance wheel offset. Ask one of our Service Advisors here and we can help you select the factory-approved wheel and tire package that is best suited for your vehicle.
Top tier gasoline is the premier standard for gasoline. Gasoline quality impacts on engine behaviour, efficiency, performance and service life. For this reason, you should always use good-quality gasoline containing the proper additives. These additives will help to prevent corrosion, keep the fuel system clean, and prevent deposits from building up in the engine. More information can be found using this link:
No. Parts not intended for your vehicle in our market may affect its integrity, structure and operation. Parts from other countries have not been tested to meet strict Transport Canada safety regulations.
No. Any damage or defects caused by the use of non-genuine OEM parts are not covered by OEM Warranties. Only OEM parts and accessories are covered by the OEM parts warranty.
Your Service Advisor knows your vehicle best. There are many criteria to consider when choosing a tire, such as size, load index, traction rating and speed rating to name just a few. Ask a Service Advisor here for more information.
Lock cylinders can freeze up in the winter. To de-ice the door lock cylinder, we recommend using a special spray to replenish lubricating oils and protect against corrosion. Ask one of our Service Advisors here for more information. The rubber seals on the doors, windows, etc., will stay soft and flexible, and will seal better and last longer if they are treated with a suitable rubber-care product. Caring for rubber seals will also help prevent premature aging and leaks. The doors will be easier to open. If rubber seals are well maintained, they will not freeze as easily in winter.
Yes, we sell all types of tires including brands such as Pirelli, Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental, Michelin, and many more. Contact one of our Service Advisors here for more information.
You can find extensive airbag information in your Owner's Manual. For further information on the workings of airbags, you can visit How Stuff Works. For more detailed information on airbag safety, please visit
Freight and PDI are the fees for transporting and preparing the vehicle at our dealerships. You can learn more about Freight and PDI here.

An Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Safety Standards Certificate (SSC) is a document that certifies a vehicle’s fitness. Learn more here.