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Why Choose WEINS Leasing

At WEINS Leasing we empower customers to drive the vehicle of their dreams through service excellence and leasing solutions uniquely designed to meet our customer's needs.

As part of the WEINS Automotive Group, a premium dealer group servicing the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario, we have almost 50 years of experience matching our customers with their dream vehicles.

Whether you are looking for a premium or exotic vehicle, we can find the right leasing solution for you. Free up capital or simply enjoy the flexibility of changing vehicles more regularly. If you own a small business, we have the expertise to ensure you get the right vehicles and the right leasing solution. Or, if you are new to Canada, we can make leasing the vehicle of your dreams seamless and convenient.

Our enhanced leasing and delivery experience is convenient and secure with one point of contact dedicated to your vehicle and leasing needs.

How WEINS Leasing Works

Find your Dream Car

Find your Dream Car

Whether it’s at another dealership, a private sale or with one of our acquisition specialists, once you know what you are looking for we will get it one way or another

Have it Inspected

Have it Inspected

Have the vehicle inspected! This is important to ensure the vehicle is functioning as it should. Inspections mean all parties in the lease are covered!

We Purchase the Vehicle

We Purchase the Vehicle

We will organize the purchase and transportation of the vehicle if it is required. Once the credit application process is complete

Enjoy your Vehicle Stress Free

Enjoy your vehicle stress free

It’s that simple! Enjoy the lease on your terms, and if at any point you want to get out of the vehicle, bring it back and we can try to ensure you’re in a equity position.

Benefits of a Lease

Lower Monthly Payments If you're concerned about the monthly costs, a lease eases the burden a bit. Generally, the monthly payment is considerably less than it would be for a car loan. Some people even opt for a more luxurious car than they otherwise could afford.

Worry-Free Maintenance Many new cars offer a warranty that lasts at least three years. So when you take out a three-year lease, most of the repairs should be covered. Leasing arrangements largely eliminate the hazards of a significant unforeseen expense.

Maximizing Tax Deductions If you use your car for business purposes, a lease will often afford you more tax write-offs than a loan. That’s because the IRS allows you to deduct both the depreciation and the financing costs that are part of each monthly payment. If you’re leasing a luxury automobile, the amount you can write off may be limited.

Fleet Leasing

We’ll help you get behind the wheel of the truck you need, when you need it. If you operate a commercial fleet, we can source any vehicle you need to help your business run better, faster, and more efficiently.

We know great cars and trucks aren’t just for fun, they can also be serious workhorses, and the backbone of your small or medium-sized business. Leasing your commercial vehicles is a smart business alternative to financing. You’ll free up cash-flow for what matters. If you operate a commercial fleet, we can source any vehicle you need to help your business run better, faster, and more efficiently.

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